Music | Review | The Mirror Trap – Simulations


Out June 10th via Riverman Records

Rating : 7.5/10

By Kieran Webber

The Dundee based band have taken no prisoners with their latest release ‘Simulations’, it is a tirade of anarchic energy that batters down the door bursting with influence from late 90’s early 00’s emo/indie scene whilst still honing the sound of a modern rock band.

But the most impressive part of The Mirror Trap is that their sound is distinguishable from other bands, yes there is clear influence from the likes of QOTSA, American Football and even a dash of Taking Back Sunday, but the music is very much their own.

Right from the beginning you are hit with a wall of sound in the form of ‘Under The Glass Tower’, a cascading percussion driven rock anthem bursting with unapologetic energy. It acts as a perfect opener, immediately pulling the listener in and throwing them into chaos. It is brilliant.

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This chaotic energy is heard through the whole album, most notably on ‘New Trance’, ‘No ID’ and ‘Bleach Your Bones’, but it’s not all energetic explosive rock as the band show their emotive and slower paced sound with ‘Something About Forever’ a Jimmy Eat World esque number. This emotive and less chaotic side is also shown through the piano driven melodic number ‘Joyride’.

The song that stands out through the album though has to be the single ‘Piranhas’ not only due to its infectious riff but because the lyrical content and vocal delivery from frontman Gary Moore.

The album as a whole is a rampant rock ‘n’ roll escapade that grabs you by the hand and throws you into the belly of the beast, throwing riff after riff towards you. It is a complete onslaught of raw energy backed by songwriting of a level that is way beyond their years. ‘Simulations’ is a must have for any rock fan, new or old.