Music | Review | The Ohio Weather Band – Crooked Light


Out now

Rating : 7/10

By Kieran Webber

The Akron, Ohio four piece are a band of many talents with the ability to change their sound at the drop of a hat, dancing between country inspired jams to all out riff laden rock. Their latest release ‘Crooked Light’ is a shining example of the bands shapeshifting abilities, burning bright in feel good, hip shaking indie rock with a hint of country.

Starting with the tone setting ‘Boardwalk Act’ starting with a folksy beginning that evolves into a brash rock number, showing the bands capability to shift the sound immaculately. This is a familiar vibe that can be heard in ‘Zeroes’ and the hook laden ‘Purple Polished Nails’ a track oozing in cool and confidence. But The Ohio Weather Band have a softer more emotional side that seeps into middle of your emotional core taking you to a emotive yet comfortable place, tracks such as ‘Barflies’, ‘Watin’ Like A Canine’ and ‘Purple Polished Nails’ are prime examples of soulful songwriting.

‘Crooked Light’ acts as a fantastic showcase of the bands abilities and diverse sound, it boasts rampant, pulsing rock backed by moments of calm and easy listening. An album that dances through all the emotions from the good times to the bad, to the fun to the mundane, this album will connect with you in one way or another.