Music | Review | The Person & The People – Dark and Low

The Person & The People_Dark and Low_Cover Art.jpg

Out 22nd April Via Land Ski Records

Rating: 8/10

By Kieran Webber

For nearly a decade the Minneapolis band have been gracing stages with their melody driven hooks and infectious indie gems, as a band they have a real talent to jump between riff heavy rock songs to break up ballads and they do so with masterful ease.

Their third release ‘Dark and Low’ is no exception of this as they have translated a certain emotion and feel through the whole album that any young adult can relate to, whether it is about relationships, getting your buzz on too much and everyday struggle.

Opening with the edgy ‘Paranoid & Sleepy’ a haunting yet slumber tune that creeps into the very heart of the listener creating an uneasy relaxation and shows the bands darker more self loathing side.  A side as a band they are not afraid to show and for good reason as it feels that their best music is made through the album the soft stringed heart ache tracks shine such as ‘Leaving’ and ‘Since You Loved Me’.

But this isn’t to say that they don’t know when to bring the thunder in tracks ‘Ideal Situation’ and ‘Go Back Home’ the bands explosive element bursts through the tranquil lining, infusing groovy basslines and addictive yet subtle guitar they create a unique and powerful sound.

‘Dark and Low’ is a particularly fantastic album that due to its impeccable flow will be over before you know it, there are few artists that can create an album that is listenable from beginning to end but The Person & The People are one of these said bands. The rock infused indie lures the listener in only to be caressed by the near perfect songwriting delivered with grace from vocalists Sam Sanford and Nick Costa.