Music | Review | The Smoking Bells – Sleeptalk


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Rating: 7/10

By Kieran Webber

The Smoking Bells are an interesting band in the sense they have managed to blend indie rock and psychedelia in a way that isn’t jarred or uncomfortable this is shown to us through ‘Sleeptalk’.

The band float between the two genres with extreme comfort and confidence which is probably why it sounds so good, as a band they know exactly the sound in which they wish to create. Opening track ‘Sleeptalk’ starts with a blurred organ that quickly shifts into a addictive riff that is reminiscent of ¬†early Bloc Party.

The indie rock vibe is carried through to ‘Ok Then You Win’ a fast paced indie anthem that has all the ingredients needed to create what would be classed as an indie classic.

Although that The Smoking Bells craft Indie rock well it is certainly not where they are at their best, as the album progresses their sound shifts into a more psychedelic vibe. The catchy riffs start to drift in to the background and the keyboards and percussion start to take lead, creating a far out journey into the minds eye.

Songs such as ‘I know Infinity Personally’, ‘Hepcats’ & ‘Four Days’ are shining examples of how The Smoking Bells have mastered the use of psychedelia within their music.

‘Sleeptalk’ acts as a great introduction to the band but also shows the listener that The Smoking Bells are not your run of the mill Indie band and have the capability to shapeshift and transport to different dimensions.