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Out now via Lost Map 

Rating:  6/10

By Kieran Webber

Tuff Love‘s three EP’s ‘Junk’ (2014), ‘Dross’ and ‘Dregs’ (2015) helped the band shape up to be one of the UK’s most promising fuzz pop bands with their melodies so sweet and their catchy songwriting.

‘Resort’ is a compilation album of the three together in one glorious package. Considering the time between each release the album flows well and acts as a timeline of improvement if you will. As the album progresses it is easy and clear to hear the band growing and progressing too.

By placing all three EP’s in one collection they have managed to widen their audience and allow for people who may have missed the under the radar EP ‘Junk’ to get a listen. It also pumps the listener up for their first LP that should be here later this year.

Although the whole album is worth a listen there are certainly stand out tracks such as the simplistic and catchy ‘Copper’ and the repetitive and melodic ‘Slammer’ a song filled with angst and attitude. ‘Threads’ a punk ladled tune with the soft vocals of Eisenstein and Bear melting over the top, and last but not least the closing track ‘Carbon’ which boasts the band’s diversity and growing talent as it moves away from the simple fast paced riffs and brings in an ethereal, slow down pace with a more filling sound.

‘Resort’ acts in a great way to present a full body of finished to work to their fans new and old as well as acting as hype for their debut LP.