Music | Review | Últim Cavall – S/T EP


Debut EP available now via Bandcamp

Rating: 8/10

By Kieran Webber

One of my favorite things about the internet is the fact that we are all so connected and at a click of a button you can contact someone in a completely different land mass to yourself. In regards to music this has opened the world to each other’s styles, sounds and ideas it has allowed for bands and journalists to be more connected than ever creating new and interesting opportunities.

Today Clunk is subject to one of these said opportunities with Últim Cavall thanks to an email I can now today present to you the review of their latest EP.

The self titled EP opens with ‘El Bosc’ a synth driven number with a beautiful and intricate guitar floating over the top creating a beautiful dance between the two instruments.

Following this is the uplifting ‘La Casa Cremant’ a groovy indie number that will have you smiling and your hips shuffling thanks to its catchy riff that bursts through the track.

Things take a more mellow turn with ‘Criatures’ a heartfelt prog rock track that has emotion pulsing through its very core, a tear jerking journey that keeps giving.

Closing songs ‘Oceans’ and ‘Papers’ blend the bands strongest elements, creating infectious indie rock and heartfelt emotional tracks creating a perfect ending leaving the listener satisfied yet apprehensive for the next installment.

Últim Cavall‘s EP does it exactly what is should do, it gives the listener a taste of what the band are capable of as well acting as a showcase of what to expect in a full release. Although the vocals are in Spanish the band still manage to connect with its non Spanish audience through the power of their music.

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