Music | Review | Velcro Hooks – S/T

Rating: 8/10

By Kieran Webber

Velcro Hooks managed to build up quite the reputation in their early days gaining interest from XFM and 6music, but after a the ‘Gymnophobia’ release and a record store day release they disappeared, or better put went into hiding.

Whilst everyone has been worrying that the BristolĀ band had given up or disbanded they were building a home studio and dedicating their time to the debut release.

Before I delve into this review I just want to state that it was totally worth the wait, the debut album is a jangling feast of psychedlia infused with enslaving riffs, through this master crafted album Velcro Hooks boast a complete natural talent to write music that not only stands out from the rest but will stay with you for weeks to come.

Opening with the ethereal ‘Leaves’ a sitar spangled track that gently carries you off the ground and dresses you in a white gown, ready for Shangri La, this tranquility is soon put to an abrupt end with ‘Severin The Mind’ a chaotic mash up of indie rock, psych and garage rock that cuts through the listener with its infectious riff and pulsating percussion.

It is Velcro Hooks ability to shapeshift through the album that makes it so special and listenable, it would be easy to just simply categorize them as psychedelic but they are more than that, they delve into to many other genres it would actually be too hard to pin a genre on them. Tracks such as ‘Molly’s Revenge’ and ‘VCR’ are shining examples of the bands softer more grungy side whereas ‘Drive’ is a complete belter of psychedlia that melts your mind with its hard driving riff.

The self titled debut is a complete monolith of a album that stands incredibly tall and proud, which is completely justifiable. It switches and moves in so many directions but does so with complete ease, each track is refreshing and each listen leaves you a drooling mess.