Music | Video | Sam Jordan & The Dead Buoys Share Hearfelt Video For ‘Corpse’

By Harvey Williams - Fairley

Firstly I’d like to say what a pleasure it is to be writing once again about none other than Sam Jordan & The Dead Buoys, a talent whose sound I am absolutely smitten with, and as a singer-songwriter myself, an artist who I am deeply inspired by. Since the release of Jordan & the Dead Buoys debut ‘When Golden Morning Comes’, we are now being graced with a beautifully produced music video for the song ‘Corpse’ which comes from the E.P. On May 9th, Q Magazine hailed this their song of the day, which Jordan explains as:

“…a tragedy or a mystery murder where it’s not clear who or what has died. It’s a reflection of a doomed love, it depends what eyes your hearing it through. It’s a first person narrating as a 3rd person. It doesn’t make sense because it’s illustrating something that doesn’t make sense.”

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The video certainly plays host to a captivating story, which in my opinion seems to tell the tale of lovers in a doomed relationship. Lauren Joy Kennett beautifully crafted this video, which features Sam Jordan & Melanie McPhail. This is a truly beautiful piece of work, which accompanies an amazing song.

Watch here: