By Kieran Webber

There are handful of artists that can comfortably say ‘ we are different, there is probably no one like us’, However, Seward are one of these said bands. No matter how much I try and find a likliness to other artists I simply cannot, they are in their own league and they are on top form.

Their third album, ‘Second Two: Chapter Home’ and first for Naim Records (home of the Mercury Prize-nominated Eska) is a stunning work of art.  A record to get lost in. These are unconventional, original songs that ditch the tired verse-chorus-verse structure but trigger the same addiction cravings that the best pop music can.

It is always exciting when artists push past the boundary of music and dig deeper, I am more inclined to call their music art, you don’t listen to Seward, you experience them.

The visuals that accompany ‘Life’ help visualise the meaning to the song itself in the most perfect of ways, it is a slow building number that is lead by beautiful acoustic finger picking backed by harmonising vocals.

Watch here:


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