By Kieran Webber

Mxmtoon is the moniker of 18 year old singer-songwriter from Oakland, USA, an artist that relishes in heartfelt lyricism and soft, subtle vocals. She blends this with gentle strokes of her ukelele, creating an atmosphere of real beauty.

Although this music can flutter along the lines of generic and I would argue the Ukulele is the most irritating instrument in the world, Mxmtoon makes it work and you cannot help but be captivated by her music.

Her latest release ‘Porcelain’¬†boasts her ability to write music that is deeply personal yet wholly relatable. Lyrics such as “I am made of porcelain, I look okay but I am breaking down, over and over again, over and over” really resonate. If you are looking for a track to gently stroke you and tell you it’s okay then be sure to listen to this.