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N.O.A.H are all things indie-synth-pop, groovy bass lines, 80’s inspired synths with an irresistible chorus. That’s why the masses are falling in love with their music, personality and more.

They’ve become a band that have a relentless desire to show the indie/rock genre that it can be different in more ways than none. N.O.A.H have respect from this writer as they became a band just before the pandemic and stayed together. The trio honed their craft and became better and better within the music and storytelling.

With a heavy intro and banging music, the new track ‘Stay Here’ is one of many ways to jump into the trios music. We discussed everything from mental health during the pandemic to storytelling within their lyricism, so, grab a cup of coffee and understand N.O.A.H and why they are ones to keep in mind for the future of indie and rock music.

You’ve worked with a Grammy Award-winning producer/mixer on this one, how did this come about?

Our relationship with Ruadhri started back in early 2021 when we worked on our debut EP together “Echoes of The Night”. After that we worked with each other on three more singles and have developed a cool dynamic between the band and himself. He’s definitely had a lot of experience with some amazing artists that we all love and respect, so with that in mind we are all ears and appreciate his expertise in both the studio and the broader industry. To answer the initial question, we literally just sent him a DM on instagram.

You all came together as a band just before the pandemic, how have you managed the highs and lows of it all?

The band really started quite organically as we were all great childhood friends from school. We had been playing music together since we were 14, so again the pandemic happened we already had a friendship in which we felt more than comfortable to share things and open up. As a band, we understand that there’s going to be disappointments, although things may get cancelled, rearranged or opportunities missed, we understand what we are in a band for. We are playing the long game, good things always happen to those who wait.

You’ve been named as Ireland’s hottest band, how does that feel?

We feel really hot tbh! No that’s just a joke…I think we just really appreciate the recognition and hard work we are putting in. Long may it continue says us.

What was it like making your debut TV performance recently?

Yeah we were on CBBC Saturday Mashup. It was super exciting and totally new to us, we didn’t know what to expect. They had us not just
performing but acting and playing games throughout. I don’t think we will ever forget it.

How has it felt to dive into such deep storytelling during your tracks?

It’s a craft in itself, lyric writing. As we get older we have more to talk about and I think with every song we are getting a little bit better at it. There’s a depth to a song with good lyrics, you absorb the sonics of the song but then you have another layer of meaning that you can sit on and digest in any way you want.

What is one way you get your creative juices flowing as a band?

We want to enter every session whether that be recording, writing or rehearsing with a smile on our faces. There no point otherwise. Everyones got to be in a state of play, like a kid, open and willing to use your imagination, be creative and have fun. It’s as simple as one quick joke and a laugh before we get to work.

You’ve created music that is relentless and banging, does it feel like that for you?

With this project we’ve always strived to make music that we are all happy with and we ultimately all enjoy. We are proud of the output we have to date for sure, we hope who ever listens feels something like we do making and performing the tracks.

Finally, what’s next for Noah?

We’ve just after finishing Irish festival season, playing absolutely iconic festival over here in Ireland. We even opened up the main stage at Sea Sessions, our first ever main stage appearance. We have Irelands official music showcase event coming up called ‘Ireland Music Week’ in October. We also have an Irish and UK tour in Nov/Dec which we are looking forward to. And of course tonnes more stuff coming between now and Christmas.

Listen to N.O.A.H’s new track below!