By Kieran Webber

The Naked Giants have become renowned in the Seattle area for their energetic live shows that are layered in ferocious energy. Recently the band teamed up with producer Steve Fisk (Nirvana, Unwound, Soundgarden, Minus The Bear) to craft their debut album ‘SLUFF’, the album is no doubt going to be a wild, racuaus adventure into the playful world of the Naked Giants.

Their first single ‘TV’ is a whirlwind of sounds that jumps between a variety of rock ‘n’ roll genres, with it’s core being a delightful flurry of infectious riffs. The bands ability to blend sense with the amount of energy they harness is nothing short of impressive, strap in and prepare yourselves for an absolute ear assault.

Speaking on the track vocalist and bassist Gianni Aiello explains; “From our perspective as millennials where everything is accessible all at once. There is no difference to us between punk and classic rock or anything like that because we’re all observing it at the same time through the same lens. And yes, history exists, but if you’re just flipping through something on the TV, it all kind of conflates together – kind of like the song does.”

Listen to ‘TV’ here:

The Naked Giants debut album ‘SLUFF’ will be available March 30th via New West Records.


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