By Kieran Webber

Tribal pop band NATIVES return with stunning, African-influenced new single ‘Chasing Lions’ – their first to be taken from an ambitious concept-album that will incorporate a 20-track story and accompanying novel, and will be released via The Santi Collective / LAB Records.

The song gives a first glimpse into a world that has taken the band and production collective almost two years to craft.

Guitarist / co-producer Jack Fairbrother explained: “We’ve lived in the studio, getting lost in a story from the world which we’ve built whilst writing and producing this album. It was really important to disappear for a while, we wanted to create something for ourselves, clean of any influence from outside pressures.”

‘Chasing Lions’ is an inspiring pop track that is layered in pure quality although the African element of track is somewhat cliche it still acts as a great introduction to NATIVES newly invented sound.



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