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George Ward
George Ward

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After going solo, Manchester singer/songwriter Adam Hopper returns with his second single, ‘Green Man’, a witty, charming and playful track

Adam Hopper, previously of post-punk band Blanketman, is pushing forward in his solo career. He has supported The Lounge Society and Langkamer and even earned a place on the extremely competitive Glastonbury Emerging Talent longlist. 2022 saw Hopper drop ‘Beauty In Sadness’, an extremely catchy and loveable debut single and now, we have his second offering. 

‘Green Man’ is, luckily for us, equally fun and equally charming. There is something so pure about Adam Hopper’s music that you really can’t help but love it. His voice is cheeky and innocent and the lyrics match this perfectly. The track tells the tale of the Green Man, who “walks the land, with healing hands shoved firmly in his pockets”. Hopper tackles his serious topic of climate change with wit and it really works. 

The track feels a bit like something from Gorillaz, with a silly instrumental and its quirky lyrics and backing vocals. The instrumental is playful and unserious, bouncing along at a youthful pace. Synths make up most of the backing, dancing around the drum machine beat. Every synth line feels like a new character, with the bass heavy footed and the lead strutting with confidence. 

If Adam Hopper continues with this style of care-free indie pop, there really is no reason not to look forward to his debut album. He fits right in and seems to have so much fun while doing it. 

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