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Clara Bullock

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London-based Glaswegian indie singer Alex Amor encourages people to enjoy the small things on her new single ‘Time To Smile

The single was co-written with Bastian Langebaek, co-produced by Josef Page, and mixed by Joseph Hartwell Jones.

Amor says she mixes influences from Blood Orange, The Cardigans, Kurt Vile, HAIM and Lana Del Rey into “uplifting melding of indie-pop and dream-pop”. Time To Smile is indeed an uplifting, optimistic track, a perfect summer track to listen to while getting ready for festival season.

Speaking on the new single release, Alex Amor said: “Time To Smile centres around the idea of realising that life is full of unpredictable moments.

The song encourages me to dance and find a reason to laugh in the here and now, rather than waiting for everything to be perfect before allowing myself to feel joy.

Giving in to joy is something all of us will struggle with at one point or another. We imagine perfect futures, a time when things will finally fall into place. Time To Smile encourages us to embrace the chaos and enjoy where we are here and now. There’s always time to smile.

Alex Amor’s new EP ‘Super Sonic‘ is out on 3 November via Young Poet.

Watch/Listen to ‘Time To Smile’ here: