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Emily Malia

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The boisterous boys of Beige Banquet have something new to bring to the table with their latest single ‘Animals’

Showcasing the sounds of their upcoming sophomore album, this track perfectly encapsulates the energy of the London band’s live shows whilst introducing us to a new, more industrial sound. 

Their garage-punk influence is evident in the abrasive guitar as the driving force behind the song but also in the vocals, creating a choppy and frantic feel to the lyrics. When frontman Tom delivers the line ‘spit it out’ it’s as though he has to do just that.  

The guitar riff catches you off guard in the best way, complimenting the mathematical punch that this track delivers. Throughout Animals you can hear a metronome buried in the mix, making it feel like a gradual countdown, ticking away. 

Beige Banquet explore darker themes lyrically with this new offering as they touch on animalistic urges.  ‘This petty urge, fills your mouth, makes you sick’ definitely creates an unforgettable image and could be a sign of what’s to come with further bleak observations

Feast your eyes on the spectacle of a show that this five-piece have taken across Europe as they continue to surprise us with their live dates in November and I’m sure, their next release. 

Listen to ‘Animals’ here:

Catch Beige Banquet at the following:

Oslo, London – 10th November
Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds – 11th November

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