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George Ward
George Ward

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Bristol art-punk quarter Belishas drop exhilarating new single ‘The Crash’, their first new music since 2021

‘The Crash’, the new single from Bristol band Belishas and their first release since 2021, is a very short, very fun and very unpredictable piece of art-punk goodness. Recorded in the basement of Bristol’s Louisiana with the help of Jack Ogborne (AKA Bingo Fury), the manic energy from the session is tangible.

Slightly off-kilter drums lead the track before Ewan Ferguson’s uneasy vocals crash in. His voice matches this manic energy perfectly and he remains just controlled enough while still making us feel slightly edgy throughout.

The real gold appears when the track opens up at the midway point. Alex Garbutt’s guitar, drowned in effects explodes with a bouncy, unhinged tone, while the drums go nuts. Then, to add to the anxiety, they begin an ascending riff, which, with each drum hit, becomes more and more intense, before exploding once again. It’s a real surprise that will make you smile.

At just over 2 minutes, ‘The Crash’ lives up to its name, in the best way possible. It’s a joy to hear this track come to life in the studio after hearing how hard it rips live. We couldn’t be more happy to have Belishas back.

Watch/Listen to ‘The Crash’ here:

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