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Indie dream-pop with a sense of summer psychedelia. That’s how you describe this banger from Nottingham-based artist Cam Mannix

Nottingham-based artist Cam Mannix is an artist to admire. He’s an artist that truly focuses on the experience for listeners.That’s why in his latest offering, ‘Our Days’, he’s able to combine his life of guitar playing and knowledge of classic and progressive rock to produce something special.

From being inspired by the likes of Led Zeppelin, The Who, Pink Floyd and The Doors to honing his craft when it comes to songwriting, the talented artist isn’t afraid to shy away from staying true to his roots in classic rock. A collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Mikko Gordon (Idles, Arcade Fire) shows that Cam Mannix is an artist to keep an eye on.

‘Our Days’ features a wonder list of indie dream-pop and summery psychedelia. The new offering is helping Cam keep on course with his unwritten mission; to create a powerful experience for his listeners, and this is certainly the case with this new single.

Speaking on ‘Our Days’ Cam Mannix says: “‘Our Days’ is my interpretation of a psyched-out classic timeless rock tune and driving beats meeting easy-going hazy synths and all those wobbling guitars. It sends a message to do whatever you can and want, kind of thing. I guess the song is really about choice.”

Listen to ‘Our Days’ here: