By Laura Turnbull

Despite what its title might suggest the bucket list brigade can chill out: CASTORP’s latest single ‘Last Night On Earth‘ is not about dying. Not really, anyway. The lyrics spell it out in their own slow, cryptic script, it’s actually more to do with rebirth. 

Welsh-born CASTORP, aka Steffan Davies, left the city and returned to his rural roots to create this newest batch of sad, glowing sounds and whether it’s the odd sputter of hi-hats in the shuffling drum pattern or the high, echoing guitar, there’s more than a twinge of the weary traveler to this track. Coming home is the kind of journey that triggers soul-searching and this feeling flares up in ‘Last Night On Earth‘. 

Come out with me, let’s drink like it’s our last night on earth,” Davies sings. It’s as if Matt Berninger of The National just got teleported to the Welsh countryside – that low, hypnotic mumble surely could belong to no one else. “No, it’s not too late,” the chorus begins, and just like that all the double-meanings ever delivered late at night when you’re desperate for someone to stay a little longer suddenly just got rolled into one stinging lyric. Except maybe this love song is more like an ode to self. Because if anything becomes clear in ‘Last Night On Earth’s drowsy, tumbling melody, it’s that the morning is ages away, and you have plenty of time left to change into whoever you want. Thanks for that piece of wisdom, CASTORP.   

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