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Australian electro-pop duo Confidence Man are back with their newest track, following their hit singles ‘On & On (Again)‘ and ‘Now U Do

The single has the duo’s signature sound stamped all over it, dominated by their euro-pop sound, but this time allowing the instrumental melody to be at the forefront.

The repetitive lyrics and swirling electronics transport you from cold, grey England to a summer of sunshine, festivals and freedom. The mix of cheers, whistles and a building tempo gives the song an almost sports-like quality. A dancefloor, football chant that you would find playing at either a Berlin nightclub or Wembley stadium.

Of the track, Confidence Man explain: “Can’t stop won’t stop. We’re relentless. Almost incessant. So here’s Firebreak, custom made for the next Super Bowl halftime show. We got one word for you – phenomenal.”

Watch/Listen to ‘Firebreak‘:

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