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Electronic starlet Crimewave charges into 2023 with blistering new single ’50 Rapid’

Within the saturated fog of strung out and beige electronic music, few artists are truly carving a lane of their own. But Crimewave is one of them. Based in Manchester, Crimewave has slowly been releasing since 2019, with his signature brand of ‘shoegaze 2.0’ hitting the masses with the release of stellar 2022 single ‘Disposable’

New single ‘50 Rapid’ is three and a half minutes of sonic splinters, jagged and jarring sound design buried atop of drill n bass drum breaks. His first release of 2023, ’50 Rapid’ is unrelenting, setting the tone and tempo for the year ahead of Crimewave. He creates a dark environment with his tracks, almost cinematic, playing into the dreariness of UK concrete jungles. The blend of industrial and IDM with almost shoegaze and dreampop like textures is unique, to say the least. Crimewave is delivering a truly original and unique spin on electronic music and being so early in his career, with this much potential and talent already, the sky isn’t even the limit. 

Crimewave will be the most talked about member of the underground electronic movement in no time. His bizarre and chaotic merging of genres and sounds has hardly been heard since the peak of artists like Squarepusher and μ-Ziq, and with tracks like ‘50 Rapid’ Crimewave will certainly be leading the charge. 

Listen To ’50 Rapid’ here:

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