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Having been considered Irish legends, Dark Tropics are becoming the lucky charm in any listener’s playlist

Cinematic pop-noir. That’s it. That’s all any listeners need to know when it comes to understanding Dark Tropics. With influences from the likes of William Somerset Maugham, Paul Auster and John Cooper-Clarke, it’s clear to see that the soundscapes are always evolving.

The new offering ‘I Bet You Can’ allows singer Rio to fully flourish and shine with stunning vocals. It’s a timeless classic, with a cinematic touch. This new track helps bring the duo on the map with Gerrard helping produce a high-quality production.

This is a beautiful track that makes us want to hear more from Dark Tropics.

Speaking about the single, Dark Tropics said: “‘I Bet You Can’ was written in a storm and a haze. It’s a song about embracing your youth and dancing your way through uncertainty whilst avoiding the perils of petty discontent.”

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