By Ross Jones

Having started out as a solo project, Thomas Little has found good reason to bulk out his sound and find full form in Dazy Crown – the Norwich based guitar-pop group that he leads. With new double A-side singles ‘Move’ & ‘Common Scents’ the newly arranged quartet display conflicting vibes across the tracks that prosper both separately and as a cohesive introduction.

‘Move’ is woozy and considered in its lethargy – a reverberating skeletal form that sits under Little’s comparatively lucid vocal. It’s trance-inducing rhythm is even smoother with the subtle harmonies that show the group’s already tight unity.

‘Common Scents’ appears with both flamboyancy and a damn good hook. A comparatively more conscious track to it’s partnering single – Little sings of political inconsistency and strife in his native Canada across rather brighter melodies, its intelligent outlook a fresh approach to the usually more romanticised verse of guitar-pop.

A vast greeting from the Norwich four-piece cements them as an interesting prospect, one with obvious writing nous and an eye for educated commentary.

Listen to ‘Common Scents’ here:


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