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George Ward
George Ward

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Ahead of their debut EP, ‘Get Mean‘, Divorce release one more single: the wonderfully warm and uplifting ‘That Hill

That Hill’, the final track from indie rock band Divorce is a lovely and warm single that should make you very excited for their debut EP. 

This warmth comes from a number of factors. Firstly, there’s the production, which blankets the track, making it the perfect cosy sound for winter. Then there’s the track’s main attraction: the vocals. In the opening, we have incredibly rich vocals, that are quietly accompanied by softer harmonies. These voices come and go throughout the track and the mix works very well, showcasing the relationship between the band and the intimacy they portray through their music. 

After the beautifully minimalist opening with only vocal harmonies and softly picked guitars, the other instruments join in, creating a familiar bluesy sound. Yet throughout, there are some really surprising riffs and licks that seem to always go in directions that you’re not quite expecting, keeping the track interesting. 

Overall, the sound created by Divorce is gorgeous. The combination of the vocal harmonies and the warm instrumentation comes together to craft a charmingly wintery song.

Debut EP ‘Get Mean’ is out on 2nd December via Hand In Hive.

Listen/watch ‘That Hill’ here:

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