Willow Shields
Willow Shields

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An infectious, slightly unhinged breakup anthem marks the return of London’s Ellie Bleach

Big Strong Man’ sees Ellie Bleach ripping her heart out while simultaneously painting a picture of the worst man you’ve ever met. In just 5 minutes, she manages to relate to anyone who’s ever left a relationship with someone who thinks their better than everyone. 

Released via Sad Club Records, it’s accompanied by her previous single ‘Doing Really Well Thanks’ which is simply an evil girl anthem. These two singles set the tone for her upcoming EP ‘No Elegant Way To Sell Out’ coming 6th October this year.

Listening to this song on repeat, it makes me want to lie on the floor of a teenage-me’s bedroom and cinematically sob while playing this on record. The thing I find the most enchanting about Ellie Bleach’s music is her ability to be totally vulnerable yet all powerful at the same time. She creates these elaborate characters to live in her world, to tell stories through, I think that’s amazing. If you’re a fan of Fiona Apple, Angel Olsen, or just wish Florence and The Machine had been a late seventies housewife harbouring disdain for everyone she’s ever met. You’ve found your match.  

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