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George Ward
George Ward

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Experimental London singer/songwriter/producer feeo returns with ‘Red Meat’, her first new music since 2021

Even without the hypnotic video, ‘Red Meat’ is completely entrancing. The single, the first release from feeo since her 2021 EP ‘feels like we’re getting older doesn’t it’, is written, produced and performed by feeo (Theodora Laird) and, as if this wasn’t enough talent, she also directed the video. 

The track is extremely stripped back, carried mainly by plucked electric guitar and feeo’s gorgeously soothing voice. Interesting textures come and go, including glitchy drum beats, drones and effects. 

The production is incredibly eerie but never over the top. Laird’s vocals are as clear as water while the beats are experimental but never distracting. This is an excellent example of less-is-more production and the track will suck you in entirely. 

The lyrics are poetic, dark and beautiful. feeo plays around with the idea of red meat as a metaphor for temptation and, in her own words, explores “consumption as both necessity and desire, exploring the ways in which personal morality becomes entangled with identity.”

The lyrics, when combined with the video, tell a fascinating story and feeo, in her role as storyteller, is masterful. I recommend sticking on the video, putting on good headphones, and letting yourself sink into the entirely engrossing sonic world that feeo has created.  

Listen to/Watch ‘Red Meat’ here: 

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