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Skate punk outfit Fidlar return after hiatus with new single ‘FSU’

American punk-rockers FIDLAR have been off the grid for some time now, mainly due to the inability to tour as a result of the pandemic, as well as the band not being able to see each other in person to create. Now, the California trio have returned after nearly four years since their last release (2019’s ‘Almost Free’) with brand new single ‘FSU’ – or ‘Fuck Shit Up’, rather. A title that describes the band perfectly. 

Spurred on by distorted screams from vocalist Zac Carper, the track births itself as a Death Grips-esque rage-fuelled nightmare. Everything here is bathed in distortion, dissonant chords come at you from every direction and Carper balances his shrieks with more traditional FIDLAR-style vocals. While Max Kuehn’s drumming is kept simple on this cut, the sheer intensity of his drumming propels this track further into heavy FIDLAR madness. Accompanied by a black-and-white music video (courtesy of Ryan Baxley) which matches the energy of the track, this new era of FIDLAR is looking darker and more aggressive than ever. 

While 2019’s ‘Almost Free’ leant more into FIDLAR’s indie rock and skate punk roots, this new single is teasing at the band’s future music being laden with hardcore and industrial influences. The band themselves said ‘New FIDLAR is leaning into extremes; loud, louder loud’. And they definitely weren’t lying. 

Listen/watch ‘FSU’ here: