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Foxtide continue to bring the sounds of SoCal as their ever evolving sound moves from strength to strength

The latest release from Foxtide, Hold On’ showcases the band’s energy which fans of their live show are already accustomed to. ‘Hold On’ really showcases Foxtide at their brilliant best. There are elements of early Strokes, but spun in a way which exudes confidence and swagger – which are in abundance for frontman Elijah Gibbins-Croft.

Opening with a snappy guitar riff, it’s not long before the recently refreshed line-up crash into life, giving the song an infectious energy which will have you moving along to the mystifyingly tight rhythm section before you know it. Despite all this, the main aura of the song is classic SoCal – super laid back. 

Detailing feelings of rose tinted sentimentality and self-worth, Gibbins-Croft’s lyrics masterfully outline the experiences which form us and how we react to our past experiences, both good and bad. While this is becoming more commonplace, there is still huge amounts bravery in opening up like this and helping normalise our struggles.

Foxtide are supporting Lucys at The Echo in Los Angeles on August 26th. 

Listen to ‘Hold On’:

For Fans Of: The Strokes, Phoenix