By Kieran Webbr

The South Wales band came bursting onto the scene in 2019 with surf rock single ‘Tell A Lie’. It was an anthemic start for the band that was riotously excting. Following this was fast paced ‘Floor Is Lava’ a track that echoed bands like The MVPS.

Each single boasts the bands infectious, frantic garage-punk sound. However, latest release ‘Let Me Down’ takes the foot off the gas and reverb. Crisp, crooning vocals take lead whilst moody guitars fill the backdrop. The track tackles the complex issue of heartbreak, a time in your life where you truly feel helpless. Poignant lyrics burst through the music, hitting the listener right in the heart. It’s a gut wrenching release that shows the bands honesty and vulnerability.

Listen to ‘Let Me Down’ here:

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