By Laura Turnbull | Cover Image: Cali Titmus

South London band Gaygirl are getting sick of mind games. Their debut EP is a storm of paranoid lyrics and grinding riffs that obsess over that feeling of being trapped inside your own head. ‘Chasing hesitation every day, this conversation keeps you awake’, band member Bex Morrison sings as our furrowed brows just found a new friend. Taking the millennial over-thinker instinct and plugging it into an amp is the basic brew of the band’s sound and it’s a recipe that totally works. The four tracks on ‘Pleasurehead’ are feverish and full of energy. 

A term mashed together by the band, pleasurehead describes ‘the state of mind of finally losing control’, Morrison explains. Basically that no-fucks-given feeling when you finally reach boiling point. It’s a sentiment that bubbles under Gaygirl‘s chaotic sound, the kind of grungey outpouring that leaves us thinking of Courtney Love hollering ‘take everything, I want you to’ on Hole‘s violent ‘Violet’.

We asked band member Lewis Clark what it’s like releasing a debut EP in the midst of a pandemic. ‘It is weird to release in lockdown because usually we’d be playing some shows to support the release, so it’s kind of just leaving it in the hands of the internet’. We reckon the virtual world is going to lap ‘Pleasurehead’ up. 

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