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James Mellen
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Enigmatic Bristol four-piece Gold Fever return with slick alt-rock-meets-pop anthem ‘Leather (Wish I Felt The Same)

Despite their relatively new status on the Bristol circuit, Gold Fever have set a serious precedent for fellow up-and-comers. Debut single ‘Que Sera’ planted a foundation of hard-hitting riffs, anthemic hooks and a distinctly dance feel, with follow up ‘DB Cooper’ boasting dexterous lyrical deliveries and their decided, defined sonic direction.

With a handful of shows under their belt, most notably performances at 2000Trees and Bristol Harbour Festival, Gold Fever are launching a new era, leaning into their pop influences – while retaining the grit and idiosyncrasy of their prior material.

‘Leather (Wish I Felt The Same)’ is three-minutes of sparkling guitar riffs and arena-ready hooks. Centred around a stunning guitar motif courtesy of frontman and guitarist Oscar J Sault, the track evolves, shape shifts, synthesisers decorating the backdrop and earth-shaking instrumental stabs concluding each chorus.

Like their previous output, Leatheris chock-full of ear candy, a melting pot of influences. Everything from new wave to modern rock and synth-pop melds together on this cut, the result a fiercely memorable moment for the outfit.

Gold Fever‘s ability to crash together vintage tones with a modern flair is nothing short of unique, the group standing out like a beautifully sore thumb in the regional saturate, their unmistakable live presence sure to push them further afield.

Oscar JD Sault speaks on the origins of the track, stating “Leather is about transition and how that was applicable to many aspects of my life at the time of writing. I felt stagnant while things around me changed. My perspective on my home city of Bristol became suffocatingly melancholic. Ultimately, I realised it was me who was losing myself. That kind of nostalgia is intoxicating, it’s surreal and numbing and almost feels sentient. ‘Leather’ is a song about forgetting who you are.”

Listen to ‘Leather (Wish I Felt The Same)’ here: