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South London songwriter Heartworms – aka Jojo Orme – returns with her new single May I Comply via Speedy Wunderground

May I Comply‘ is about heartbreak, but it’s more empowering than a mere breakup song. It’s about finding yourself again after coming out of a relationship and having hope and confidence that good things are about to come your way. It’s a place to let out anger so that you can move on. 

Speaking about the track, Heartworms says: “When I wrote this track I just wanted to get over an ex and to tell my little brother he’s good enough. It turned out to be a lot darker than I thought.”

The track does sound dark, with raspy vocals and guitar riffs that culminate in heavy, shoegazey chords. It could be a heavy Smiths song, or a post-punk David Bowie track. It’s got classic rock characteristics but Heartworms manages to give them an edge that makes it hard not to listen. And then listen again.

A limited number of transparent red flexi-discs will be available from secret locations indicated across Heartworms socials and streaming.

Watch/Listen to ‘May I Comply’ here:

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