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Words: Laura Turnbull | Header Image: Courtesy of Midwich Productions

Back in February New York duo Deli Girls released their second studio album ‘I Don’t Know How To Be Happy’, unleashing a torrent of cranky electronics, industrial doom, and throat-shredding vocals onto the underground scene. If that noise got you excited then you’re in for a treat, HIDE‘s new music is just as heavy. Throbbing Gristle eat ya heart out, these sounds show no mercy. 

HIDE is the project of Chicago creatives Heather Gabel and Seth Sher. Since starting their sonic assaults on Chicago’s DIY spaces in 2014, the duo have hit the road and the recording studio hard. Having played shows earlier this year with Daughters, the band are following up their 2018 debut album ‘Castration Anxiety’ this month with freshly grilled ‘Hell Is Here’. Chill beats begone. Ok, so you’re not in for an easy ride, but who wants to take that plain old road anyway?   

Out now on Dais Records

‘Chainsaw’ is as chilling as its title suggests. A suitably nightmarish opener to ‘Hell Is Here’, it’s an onslaught of guitar sludge and lyrics that make you wanna vomit. Anyone who’s had that slimy catcall “Hey baby, what’s the matter, smile”, hurled at them across a street will know the teeth-gritting, fist-clenching fury it ignites in the pit of your stomach. ‘Chainsaw’ has a message that’s urgent and it’ll make you see red. This is the kind of music you feel in your gut before your head has a chance to reason.

Listen to ‘Chainsaw’:

HIDE play The Exchange in Bristol this October. Get yerself there.

And get to know HIDE: