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The new disco-infused indie track ‘Dancefloor Diva’ from West-Midlands artist Jack Cattell is here to bring the good vibes

With a complete step up and new kind of production, Jack Cattell is showing off his talents and we’re impressed. The West-Midlands creative has spent years honing his writing, playing and stagecraft to a point where people take notice of him wherever he performs.

From being able to collect a mixture of beautiful guitar riffs, bouncy beats and wonderful vocals to being an artist who has no plans to stop, there is just something special about Jack Cattell and his music. You’ll fall in love with his fast-paced and addictive new offering, ‘Dancefloor Diva’, that is here to keep listeners wanting more.

Speaking on the track, Jack comments: “The song was born from a title. I was having a conversation with a friend about how they were acting like a diva on the dancefloor. It was one of those “that would be a good title for song” moments.

“The next morning I wrote the whole of the first verse on a shift at work and had to remember it until my break because I wasn’t allowed my phone on the shop floor. Safe to say I speak much on that shift and luckily got to my phone with the song still in my head. The riff fell perfectly with the words and the dancefloor diva was born”

Listen to ‘Dancefloor Diva’ here: