By Kieran Webber

Having spent a number of years on the management side of artists Olly Bailey decided to start his own project, Jaws The Shark.

Recently he dropped the debut single ‘Mission Impossible’, a frantic lo-fi garage rock extravaganza. It’s bursting with anarchic goodness that is wildly infectious. There’s a relentless energy that flows through the track, it’s a real earworm. The sound is reminiscent of early Wavves and King Tuff with a sprinkle of pop-punk added for good measure.

Speaking on the track, Bailey says “The song was written about realising that in life, nothing is given to you for free. You can be whatever you want to be, but it’s only you that will be the one to make it happen. People can be too scared of failure in today’s world, but if you don’t chase your dreams and put the hard work in, you’re never going to achieve them”

Listen to ‘Mission Impossible’ here:

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