By Kieran Webber

The South-East London artist has long been crafting his experimental music. Developing a sound that bends the traditional singer-songwriter sound into something more complex.

Jim Jam finds influence from the greats such as Neil Young and Bert Jansch as well as more modern contemporaries such as Beck, Jose Gonzalez and Damien Jurado. This fusion of old and new is really felt within his music.

The latest release ‘Get Away’ fuses intricate folk guitar plucks with a large sounding electronic percussion. This is pushed forward by harmonious and somewhat ethereal vocals. It’s a splendid pairing that creates a tranquil yet interesting soundscape.

Jim Jam offers so much in his compositions you can’t help but go back for more. With every listen a new layer of creativity is unveiled. It’s songwriting in its most impressive form.

Speaking on the track Jim Jam says “I think the song also lends itself to today‚Äôs modern climate to all of us that have in a way become trapped in our homes for a far longer period of time than we are used to. The song, like I was feeling at the time of writing is that longing to get away.”

Listen to ‘Get Away’ here:

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