By Kieran Webber 

Although hailing from London L.A. Peach creates music that belongs on the golden sands of California (or Cornwall). The sunshine drenched pop is baskqued in an ocean of nonchalant. His most recent single ‘I Can Remember Where You Are’ encompasses this atmosphere in masterful fashion. As the jangly guitar and soulful yet relaxed voice burst through you are taken to a world of calm. It’s easy to get lost in something so beautifully relaxing.

Speaking about the song Peach says; “It took me a while to figure out what I’d written after I’d written it, but now I know, it’s a song about love”. He continues, “a person loves another person so much that he kidnaps her and steals her skin. The scariest part is, I remember staring into my partner’s eyes as we sat on the bed whilst I wrote it”.

It’s clear that L.A. Peach takes influence from artists such as Kurt Vile, PJ Harvey and Father John Misty but there is still a very distinct sound being created. It’s the perfect soundtrack to those glistening summer nights that we (hopefully) have ahead of us.

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