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Clara Bullock
Clara Bullock

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Four-piece art-rock group Legss have released their new track, The Landlord, a theatrical piece of storytelling. 

The track takes the listener on a journey; reminiscent of tracks by Queen, it tells a story. There are three acts, each succinct and still part of a whole picture. Legss master the art of suspense and building drama, fully immersing the listener.

Vocalist Ned Green said: “Whatever you’re trying to achieve creatively is probably not going to have the lasting legacy you imagined for it.

“I imagine it could be a maddening song to listen to, in that it offers up elements of potential song structures that could be quite enjoyable if isolated andextended. But this is how it feels: unsettled, fluid, scatty, disquieting.

“Landlords seem to be emblematic of this internal power struggle for ownership over your own life and creations. It’s also the name of a drink we all like, which is a good antidote to these sorts of realisations.”

Legss say they take inspiration from the “urban landscape” of London, which explains the stark drama of the track. It is an immersive experience, and a great taste of what future projects might sound like.

Listen to ‘The Landlord’ here: