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Naomi Smith
Naomi Smith

Journalism student at Falmouth university who spends most of her time with headphones on trying to find new music.

Bristol-based rock multi-instrumentalist Lucky Thief drops new single ‘Silencer’, the first single from his upcoming debut album

‘Silencer’ offers a mix of experimental rock with hard-hitting lyrics that people are going to relate to. Lucky Thief explains: “Silencer is about being unable to control how we speak. So many people have opinions that are narrow minded, selfish and ill-considered; this song airs my frustration with them. It also looks at how hard it is for me to stay quiet, if I feel something deserves to be said, I will not be silenced.”

Lucky Thief draws from his own life experiences of mental health struggles, alcohol abuse, sex and his religious upbringing, allowing his music to connect to each and every listener.

Lucky Thief has three singles out on all streaming platforms, ‘Equator’, ‘Retrograde’ and ‘Staying Up’. He taught himself everything you hear in his music, which makes each single even more enjoyable to indulge in, knowing the hard work that went into the production. 

‘Silencer is one to look out for and has a heavier rock vibe compared to his three previous singles. The track should make you very excited for the release of his debut album. 

Listen to ‘Silencer’ here: