By Matilda Barker-Hall

Progressing through the London scene, Lyena have released their second single ‘Headlines’. A track that encapsulates the everlonging issue of society’s relationship with clickbait news and meaningless headlines. The track contains an addictive tearing guitar melody combined with a thick bassline, producing a raw grunge atmosphere- something of which dominates the trio’s music and their energetic live shows. 

The main lyric “Headlines will do” stands out as the summary of the meaning of the song; the saddening fact that society is losing attention spans long enough to read any news article and that headlines about pointless things, like “Love Island”, dominate people’s newsfeeds rather than informative quality journalism that aims to educate readers about what is happening in the world. As the digital world expands and traps us with it’s amazing yet addictive abilities, we all subconsciously (or consciously) take the guilt of wasting time on social media and clickbait headlines. Through the band highlightighting this in almost a playful manner, with the narrator of the song, listeners are brought to attention of the issue and perhaps for some it brings about a feeling of wanting to change.  

Check out these guys if you are in need of some dynamic grunge that holds some catchy pop fixes and make sure to keep an eye out as they are hoping to release more in making a name for themselves.

Listen to ‘Headlines’ here


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