By Kieran Webber

Macajey is the brainchild of Jeremy Macachor, a multi-talented musician as well as producer and engineer. The californian artist is now based out of Estonia, both countries tones can be felt through his music. Particularly in latest release ‘Mornin”.

A spaced out guitar transcends across the track whilst soft, enchanting vocals breeze over the drum machine. There is a tone of warmth and cold that is moving throughout the dreamy soundscape. The guitar carrying a breezy cold atmosphere whilst the vocals warm you up. It’s an extremely inviting sound that is filled to the brim with tranquility.

Speaking about the single Jeremey explains, “This songs inspiration is taken directly from my morning routine, in which the first thing I do every morning is take some deep, calming, relaxing breaths to start the day calm and peacefully.”

Listen to ‘Mornin” here:

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