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Metronomy are back with another reworked track from ‘Small World‘, ahead of the special edition. This time, Panic Shack give their wild interpretation of ‘It’s Good To Be Back’

In case you’ve missed it, Metronomy’s newest project is a special edition of their 2022 album Small World but rather than the usual couple of bonus tracks, this edition contains collaborations with other artists who each put their own spin on each track. These artists include Porij, Haich Ber Na, Jessica Winter, Sébastien Tellier and more.

The first of these new reworkings was from the brilliant Katy J Pearson, who made ‘Love Factory’ even more dreamy. This time, however, the transformation is far more dramatic. Cardiff DIY punk band Panic Shack have turned ‘It’s good to be back’ on its head.

Where Metronomy’s version was a fun synth-pop track with plinkety synths and acoustic guitar, Panic Shack’s is a relentless power-pop banger. The track is powered by a driving drum beat, with the synths replaced by distorted guitars and bass. The build into each chorus is exhilarating and the arrangement is so tight that it truly feels like a Panic Shack track rather than a cover. 

The vocals are powerful, playful and incredibly confident. They turn the phrase “it’s good to be back” turns from a modest comment from an indie favourite to a powerful, in-your-face, scream of intention.

Panic Shack have truly made the track their own or, in their own words, “shackified it”. It should make you very excited to hear how the rest of the tracks have been twisted to fit the many genres that Metronomy have promised. 

Small Worlds (Special Edition)’ is out on 29th November via Because Music.