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The talented artist releases an emotive new single that makes this writer want more

From belting ABBA as a kid to creating his own stunning music, Michael Fitzgibbon releases his brand-new single ‘Saviour’ which fits the final piece of the puzzle for his debut EP ‘Songs For Emily’.

Claiming it to be his most personal track yet, Fitzgibbon grips us with his smooth vocals and emotional lyricism as the soft guitar licks intertwine together to create the perfect ballad and love song.

Speaking on the track, Michael said: “Saviour, the final track from my debut EP, is definitely the most personal track I have ever written. It has been a daunting step as a new artist to watch songs with such intimate meanings released into the world, but it has also been deeply cathartic, and I hope other people can find a release in my music as well. More than anything, it has been incredibly exciting to finally share what I have been working on for so long, and I can’t wait to see where these first tracks will take me.”