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Three-piece newcomers milkshed. release their brand new song ‘Burning Bridges’ and it’s everything your 90’s grunge heart desires

Quick to follow up on the success of their debut single, the jumpy and jubilant track is the perfect blend of nostalgic garage rock paired with melodic, memorable pop lyrics. There’s something so raw about the band’s humble beginnings recording in a disused milk shed that is captured in the sound, making it all the more gritty and exciting.

This sophomore offering unveils the mindset of someone desperate to help a loved one, but knowing they’re incapable of doing so. Relatability lies in everything about this band, but more so in the anthemic lyrics as frontman Cam Gallaher sings ‘If only you could love yourself, you’d find it’s better for your health.’

There’s sincerity in both of their releases, making a statement to their audience that they take both themselves and their songwriting seriously, whilst also having what looks like a blast as they thrash their instruments in behind the scenes instagram clips.

Having played Glastonbury as their debut gig, these South-West boys have come crashing onto the scene in no time with their distinctive modern guitar music and I’m sure they have plenty more to give.

Listen to ‘Burning Bridges’ here:

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