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Falmouth band Mothman, The Man drop new single ‘Gigantopithecus‘, their first offering since their debut album ‘1000 Eyes’

Though it was all the way back in February, we’re still playing Mothman, The Man’s fantastic debut LP ‘1000 Eyes’: one of the most memorable and creative projects of the year.

Now, we have a new treat from the Mothmen. Gigantopithecusis a chugging beast of a track, with real weight behind every note. Heavily distorted guitars pump the track along steadily, creating an on-edge feel that will keep you slightly unnerved.

There is such a sinister feel to Gigantopithecus. It feels like the theme song to a B-Movie villain – and I mean this in the best way possible. Expertly balancing over-the-top silliness and genuinely very pretty moments, this is one of the band’s most entertaining tracks yet.

The last minute of the track is the highlight. A menacing guitar riff emerges from the undergrowth, before the drums go all in and the band explodes. Robotic synths buzz and squeal while gnarly riffs take complete control. This is one that is screaming to be seen live.

Listen to ‘Gigantopithecus’ here:

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