Photography by Cloe Morrison

Hannah North

I work as a photography assistant for prominent rock photographer Jill Furmanovsky, which launched me into taking photos at gigs. I fell in love with the music scene and capturing it in all ways possible. When photos weren’t enough I picked up a pen and started writing about the bands I was seeing. Now I am with CLUNK I can hopefully do that alot more! 

Bristol four-piece My First Time stuns with catchy post-punk debut single ‘Wind Up Merchant’

My First Time is an apt name when talking about this Bristol band’s debut single. Wind Up Merchant is a half post-punk – half pop track wrapped up neatly in a 2:35 package. It is dripping with irony and satire, but we as listeners are all in on the joke. Long story short, it’s a quick time but a good time. 

From the opening riff that hits you in the face, to the tongue in cheek lyrics, this single is just the start for My First Time. The quartet describes their music as taking the socially aware, introspective nature of post-punk and fusing it with the catchy earworm choruses of pop.

All of that can be seen in this single, with the titular wind up merchant, narrated by vocalist Isaac Stroud-Allen, chanting witty cynicisms like ‘I’ll pull your leg til you scream and shout,’ or, ‘pissing people off is the way I express.’ 

When the chorus comes thrashing in, we are thrown into an energy fuelled hook that less bounces, more moshes. It’s a quick witted treat that makes you want more.

To hear it for yourself, My First Time is headlining Rough Trade in Bristol on the 14th of October. Check it out, it’s sure to be fun.

Watch/Listen to ‘Wind Up Merchant’ here:

Catch My First Time at the following:

Rough Trade, Bristol – 14th October

Sebright Arms, London – 31st October

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