By Kieran Webber

Opus Orange is the project of LA based musician Paul Bessenbacher, a successful composer for film and TV.

Since turning his attention this this musical project he has released 4 albums and a variety of singles and EP’s. This has lead to a bountiful amount of streams and radio play, it’s very impressive.

However, when listening to Orange Opus‘ music it’s easy to understand the popularity. The mellowed out indie sound drafts up a aura of nonchalant, making it incredibly easy listening.

Latest single ‘The Lucky Ones’ is a drifting single that is surrounded by ethereal vocals and rambling guitars. It creates a dream like atmosphere that surrounds the listener. The soft soundscape that flutters in the background creates a relaxing melody that can’t help but be enjoyed.

Listen to ‘The Lucky Ones’ here:

Created by XUAN

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