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Bristol outfit Oslo Twins’ new single and EP title track ‘Back To Nothing‘ is a hopeful breakup song

Back To Nothing is a song about heartbreak, but not one that will make you cry. Instead, it is hopeful and upbeat, somewhere on the other side of resignation.

I wouldn’t say it was about longing, but the stage after,” says co-writer Eric. “I wrote the lyrics by the River Avon in Bristol on a warm evening. It’s a melancholic, reflective song.

The track is based on a calm, steady rhythm and features violin, courtesy of Tom Connolly. It is the kind of song that you would listen to a few months after the breakup, when things have settled and you have accepted your loss, but some melancholy remains. 

Your feet are off the ground / without a care” they sing, and that is exactly what the track sounds like: light and carefree. Whether this is just wishful thinking or they are already fully healed from the loss remains unclear – and do we really need to know? Let’s fake it till we make it and dance along to this tune until we’re over it.

Watch/Listen to ‘Back To Nothing’ here:

For Fans Of: Beach House, Alvvays

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