By Kieran Webber 

The Icelandic psych group Pale Moon have crafted a jangly, sun drenched track that carries strong influences from the Beach Boys. An ironic sound and influence as the song is about the short winter days in Iceland.

‘Waiting For The Sun’ has a dreamy soundscape with psychedlia at its very core. The ethereal tangents matched by the soothing yet driving bass take the listener on a journey. With glistening guitars matched by the sugary vocals creates a hazy atmosphere, it’s hard not to find yourself lost in the wavy sound.

Pale Moon have done what so many bands in this genre struggle to do, create music that is beautiful but not boring. The track moves at its own speed yet is engaging the whole way through. The same can be said for the ‘Dust of Days’ EP that the single is taken from, it is a shining example of the bands ability to craft catchy, fun and beautiful music that is varied in sound.

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