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Pattern Pusher release their debut single from their upcoming album: ‘Hotel Room’ is a song of hope powered by loss

The debut single from their upcoming album ‘The Great Letting Go’, ‘Hotel Room’ is a more contemplative, sophisticated offering than Pattern Pusher’s previous upbeat, energetic pop. The album is a reflection on the feelings of emptiness and loss the lead singer Alex Johnstone experienced after dealing with a difficult breakup as well as the passing of his ebullient father, Phil Johnstone, who toured with Led Zeppelin, was Robert Plant’s keyboard player, and co-wrote many of his solo hits, and was a huge supporter and mentor of the band. He has left a big hole in all of their lives.

The dynamic trio, hailing from the South West , have ignited the alternative rock scene with emotionally charged songs played with infectious energy. The band has been carving a unique path in the world of music, and their journey is one that commands attention. Their sound effortlessly transcends boundaries, fusing elements of alternative rock, indie, and classical influences into a sonic tapestry that is truly their own.

‘Hotel Room’ opens with a steady beat accompanied by upbeat piano, swiftly cut short by a slower melody with Alex’s voice emanating soft sorrow, before the beat picks up again, mirroring the juxtaposition of emotions. The chorus itself is catchy and upbeat, the same melody from the beginning creating a contrast with its happier rhythm.

Alex’s voice sounds powered by longing, perfectly balancing the rising and falling of the ongoing beat throughout, displaying the waves of emotion one feels when dealing with events such as he did. The track provokes a deep sense of connection, one that every listener can relate to, perfectly demonstrating the power of loss alongside the power of hope. 

Alex says that: “In essence ‘Hotel Room’ is still a song of hope – as a band we are all born optimists. I think we all deserve to be happy and to live the way that we choose. It’s about letting go of the guilt that comes with self-care and getting comfortable with taking the risks we take to get where we want to be.”

Pattern Pusher are more than just a band; they are storytellers and energy-purveyors, their music resonating on a deeply personal level. They continue to push the boundaries of their craft, poised to leave an indelible mark on the world, one note at a time.

Listen to ‘Hotel Room’ here:

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